Have an Evening of Fun at Launch Trampoline Park West Palm Beach

If you are seeking a fun and exciting place to spend your evening, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Launch Trampoline Park West Palm Beach. Located in sunny West Palm Beach, FL, Launch offers a wide range of fun and safe activities that everyone can enjoy. From trampoline parks and dodgeball courts to rock climbing and free fall towers, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Launch. At Launch, everyone gets to enjoy the expansive, award-winning trampoline park. With over 56,000 square feet of interconnected trampolines, this is a great place for friends and family to have an enjoyable time! Each jumper is provided with trampoline-safe footwear upon entry and can enjoy different games, including airbag launches, tumble tracks, and foam pits. If you’re feeling more daring, the high-flying stunt bag can give you the thrill of a lifetime with its extreme heights and drops. Visit this link for more information.

No visit to Launch Trampoline Park West Palm Beach is complete without trying out some of the activities offered in the dodgeball courts. Whether you want to practice your skills or play a full-on game with your friends, you can find exactly what you’re looking for in the designated courts here. The same goes for the rock climbing wall – time your climbs and test your agility with the 9,000+ square feet of the multi-colored rock wall, affixed with a variety of handholds and footholds. The free fall tower will give you a chance to enjoy a truly unique experience. Strap into the launch configurator, choose your favorite operating mode, and let the computer launch you to 60 feet above the trampoline court. Feel the rush as you descend back down, reaching new heights at every jump! Last but not least, make sure to also try out the ninja’s warrior courses – combining parkour, jumping, climbing, swinging, and more into an obstacle-filled course – providing an intense challenge for even the most talented ninjas. Read about Come Explore the Wonders of the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society in West Palm Beach, Florida here.

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