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We developed key purposes and core values that we expect each and every one of our staff to adopt: from the CEO to our entry-level team members. We strive to incorporate these beliefs and values into our everyday practice, and we know it’s important that you are clear on what you can expect when working with our team. Addiction treatment is a delicate time for anyone and we strive to make the experience as comfortable as possible for everyone that steps through our doors. We consider our patient’s guests when they stay with us and the surroundings, culture, and even decor are built to reflect that.

Flagler Health And Wellness offers a small, intimate location where clients and therapists can focus on the core issues that have led to substance abuse. Our modern, relaxing environment allows clients a calm and holistic experience when they seek treatment at Flagler. Our West Palm Beach location is centrally located in Palm Beach County close to shopping, jobs, school, meetings, clubhouses, the beach, and more, which allows clients a chance to thrive when they re-enter society after treatment. The location is newly renovated, clean, comfortable, and located in a beautiful area of West Palm Beach with Banian trees that cultivate healing.


We strive to heal all who are in the path of the disease. Addiction diseases affect more than just one individual- they affect their loved ones and their communities, and the damage can spread even further. Treating the individual is just the beginning: our work starts there and then goes much deeper.


Authenticity: We believe in honest, direct communication with each other and with our patients. We trust each other to do what we say we will do.


Passionate connection and commitment to each other and those we serve.


The quality of being modest, unpretentious, and humble, is the key to our collaboration and success as a team. We take the initiative to solve problems and bring solutions- we trust each other to honor our commitments. When we see something that needs to be done, we believe it is better to take action instead of waiting for approval to take action.


Excellence in everything we do: going above and beyond for each other and our patients.


We are always striving to grow as individuals and as a company through education, training, and coaching.

Flagler Healing is part of the Magnified Health Systems family of centers. To find out more about Magnified Health, visit our website. https://magnifiedhealth.com

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